Cremation Products & Memorialization

Cremation Products

We offer a full array of Cremation Products and all are on display at our Funeral Homes in Marietta, Fairburn and McDonough. You are invited to tour our facility and see all the beautiful products that are available to shelter and hold your loved one. Two containers are required to facilitate a cremation: the cremation container and an urn.

  • Cremation Containers – The Cremation Container shelters your loved one while they are in our care prior to cremation, and is the container used for the cremation itself. 
  • Urns – An urn is the permanent vessel that holds your loved one’s cremated remains. We offer over 50 urns in various sizes, shapes, and colors including urns that are: marble, wooden, brass, cloisonné, porcelain, stainless steel, and eco-friendly. Please click the button below to view our urn catalog.

  • Cremation Jewelry – The jewelry pieces hold a small portion of the cremated remains of your loved one. Many options and styles are available, such as necklaces, rings and bracelets. Please click the button below to view our jewelry catalog.

Photo of all cremation products

Photo of cemetery gardens
Photo of US armed forces shrine

Cremation Memorialization

Where will your urn be 5, 10 or 50 years from now? Create a lasting legacy for yourself or a loved one. Cheatham Hill Memorial Park, Eastlawn Memorial Park and Holly Hill Memorial Park offer more permanent cremation memorialization options than anyone else in Northern Georgia, including:

  • Cascading Waters Cremation Garden – Our beautifully landscaped cremation garden, complete with a water fountain, is a tranquil final resting place for those wishing to create a permanent legacy for their loved one.
  • Columbarium (with glass-front niches) – A Columbarium is a building that contains glass-front niches, a permanent resting place for an urn. Companion (for two urns) or single niches are available.
  • Benches – An urn (or several urns) can be placed within a bench to create a lasting legacy for your loved one. They are several areas within the cremation garden and cemetery where benches can be placed.
  • Statuary – Our Cascading Waters Cremation Garden contains several stunning statues of various sizes that are created to shelter an urn, or several urns.

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