67 Reasons Why You Should Pre-Plan Your Funeral or Memorial Service

Pre-Planning give you peace of mind that YOUR wishes will be honored.

Immediately following a death, did you know that there are more than 67 decisions that must be made within a short amount of time—or immediately? Did you know that 87% of the time, the husband will pass away first, leaving his wife to made end-of-life decisions on her own?

We’re a society of planners when it comes to most large decisions and/or purchases in our lives like a wedding, schooling, buying a home, planning for retirement, etc. Unfortunately, many people do not want to talk about or plan for the very thing that all of us will eventually experience—our own death. We tend to put off end-of-life discussions (even when a family member is placed on hospice) or presume that our spouse, family or life partner will “know just what we want.”

Unfortunately, that’s often not the case. Experienced funeral directors can share story after story of families that did NOT know what their loved one wanted. Even the very basic decisions, such as did their loved one want to be cremated, buried, placed in a mausoleum or some other option. How did they want to be remembered or memorialized?

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, 80% of American families believe that pre-planning their funerals is a good idea, and more than 85% of children WANT their parents to plan their funeral in advance. Too often, families run out of time and never have “the talk” about what they want to happen to them after death. Then those children are burdened with making decisions they are unprepared do make.

What will you choose?

Pre-planning and paying for your final expenses in advance give you the opportunity to research the many options available to you, make informed decisions together with loved ones, and freeze prices. More importantly, we find pre-planning gives people peace of mind. They know that their wishes will be followed and that everything has been paid for in advance.

We have Family Service Counselors that regularly meet with individuals of all ages to discuss options, give tours, make sure Veterans receive all the benefits they’ve earned, answer legal questions, and provide price quotes. And in this time of social distancing, we can even help by forwarding you a quote and information by email. You can also complete a pre-planning contract fully online, from the comfort of your own home, by clicking HERE.

 You’re invited to call 770.424.1111 to be connected to a Family Service Counselor to set an appointment or click here to request a complimentary Planning Guide. Just let us know which location is closest to you. Southern Cremations & Funerals now has 3 funeral homes in Metro Atlanta: in Marietta, Covington and Fairburn. We have 3 cemeteries in Metro Atlanta: Cheatham Hill Memorial Park (Marietta), Holly Hill Memorial Park (Fairburn) and Eastlawn Memorial Park (McDonough).

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