Choosing Between a Funeral and a Memorial Service

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Choosing how to commemorate the passing of a loved one is a highly personal decision. Some families may wish to include a viewing while others may prefer a bit more privacy. Funeral practices may also be influenced by religion, cultural traditions and even cost. A compassionate funeral director can help plan a meaningful funeral or memorial service to appropriately honor your friend or family member. 

What are the Different Types of Funerals and Memorial Services

A funeral can include a traditional full-service funeral, direct burial or cremation. A memorial service, or celebration of life, may be held at a later date. It is a matter of personal choice as to how to memorialize and prepare your loved one for final rest. 

Full-Service Funeral

Many families choose to hold a traditional funeral service to honor their loved one. A full-service funeral typically includes a viewing at the funeral home, transportation by hearse, a formal service with one or more speakers at the burial site, casket allowance, procurement of death certificates, gathering of obituary information and a burial or cremation. This is the most expensive type of funeral. 

Direct Burial

In a direct burial, there is no viewing so the embalming process may be bypassed. The family may or may not choose to be present for the graveside burial and instead hold a memorial service or celebration of life, at a later date. There are several options for interring caskets in a perpetual care setting. These include traditional burial sites, mausoleums and private family burial estates. 


Many choose cremation as a matter of personal preference. It is generally more economical and also a more viable option for loved ones who will not be remaining in the area but wish to stay close to the departed. Cremated remains are placed in an urn or other container that may be kept in the home, buried in a cemetery or interred in a mausoleum or glass-front columbarium. Cremation services may include gathering packages with full memorial services. All Southern Cremations & Funerals service options are available to those choosing cremation. 

Memorial Service

Many find themselves asking what the difference is between a funeral and a memorial service. While many families choose a traditional funeral service to honor their loved one, others opt for a memorial service or celebration of life, at a later time. A memorial service can be similar to a traditional funeral service. However, a memorial service typically occurs after the remains have been cared for and can often be less formal than a traditional funeral service. 

Southern Cremations & Funerals understands that choosing how to celebrate the life of a loved one is a very personal decision. To accommodate this sensitive time, our compassionate funeral directors can help you choose between affordable full-service, traditional funerals, direct burials, cremation and memorial services. Please visit this link to learn more.

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