Positive Ways to Cope with Grief

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The process of grieving is highly individualized and can seem unpredictable; however, there are some positive ways you can help yourself cope with the grief of your recent loss. The experienced and compassionate team at Southern Cremations and Funerals in Marietta has compiled the following list of recommendations for the most positive ways to cope with grief.

Celebrate a Life

Use important dates such as birthdays or anniversaries as an opportunity to celebrate the life of your departed friend or family member. Get together with other people who share memories of your loved one, and host or plan a special lunch or dinner. Take a moment to think of your favorite funny story about them and share it with someone else who loved them. They may be struggling with their grief too and reaching out to reminisce about your departed loved one can be very helpful.

Get Inspired

The feeling of loss and loneliness that many people experience after the death of a loved one can make your favorite activities seem pointless or less enjoyable. However, it’s important that you don’t isolate yourself and pull away from social interactions and activities. Try channeling your feelings of grief and sadness into a creative pursuit that allows you to relax and express yourself without fear of judgment. Try a painting class, writing in a journal or signing up at a dance studio. Creative activities such as these allow us to express ourselves and experience our emotions in ways that simply talking may not.

Plan a Tribute

Choose a cause that was important to your loved one and plan a tribute that honors his or her life and passions. This could be as simple as planting a tree in a local park, donating food to an animal shelter, or even setting up a scholarship fund. No act is too big or small, as long as it helps you remember and honor our loved one’s legacy by helping make the world a better place.

Make Your Loved One Proud

Whether your loved one enjoyed a particular sport, traveling, watching a certain movie… doing something you know he or she would have enjoyed can be very healing in the grieving process. Participating in a loved one’s favorite activities can make you feel more connected – even when he or she isn’t around to enjoy it with you. If a loved one enjoyed playing tennis, why not sign up for a tennis lesson to improve your game? Finding happiness through things that brought your loved one joy is an empowering method that can break the grief cycle and honor a loved one in a very positive way.

Find More Ways to Honor a Loved One

Everyone copes with grief in his or her own way. Grief over the loss of a loved one can be emotionally exhausting. You may feel confused and be experiencing a flood of emotions and thoughts that drain you both mentally and physically.

The supportive staff at Southern Cremations and Funerals in Marietta, Georgia, want to help you honor your loved one so that his or her memory and legacy is everlasting. Contact us for more ways you can remember and honor your loved one as you move through the grieving process.


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