What is the Cheapest Way to be Cremated?

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Funeral services have changed over the years to allow for different cultural or religious traditions. Green funerals are on trend, as people are more eco-conscious. Non-religious services are even popular, with many ceremonies reflecting the personality of the deceased, instead of relying on traditional rituals. When you’re looking at funeral arrangements, you have many options. The funeral home that takes care of your loved one’s body will generally offer four options:   

  • Traditional, full-service burial – usually includes a viewing or visitation, the funeral service and possibly even a graveside service at the burial.
  • Direct burial – the deceased is buried without a funeral service or ceremony.
  • Full-service cremation – includes a viewing or visitation prior to the cremation. There may be a memorial service after the cremation.
  • Direct cremation – the deceased is cremated shortly after death without any ceremony. Many people do plan a memorial or other type of ceremony at some point. 

What is the Cheapest Way to Be Cremated?

Funeral costs have increased over the past few years. Many families find themselves concerned with finances when a loved one dies. Don’t feel ashamed or intimidated to check and compare the costs of your funeral options. A full-service burial is usually the most expensive funeral. A direct burial is less expensive, but it may still be cost-prohibitive. Direct cremation is the least expensive funeral option. The body is not embalmed, nor is there a casket involved. The funeral home collects the body, makes arrangements for it to be cremated and then returns the ashes in an urn to the family. 

Can I Be Cremated Without a Funeral Service?

The disposition of the body, whichever type of funeral you choose, can be separate from the service. You must let a funeral home take care of the deceased. There are legal permits and paperwork that must be completed for you to get the death certificate. However, there is no rule that you must let the funeral home take care of the service or ceremony. In fact, there is no reason for you to have a service unless that is your wish. You can be cremated without a funeral service and can decide to hold a service for the mourners at a later time.  

Cremation is an Affordable Option

Direct cremation is not only affordable, but it is more flexible than traditional funeral services. Many families rush around after a death trying to make arrangements only to have many people miss out because of the short notice. A cremation gives you time to plan and conduct your own services that are relevant to you and your family. You can also choose many types of cremation memorialization options, such as making a memorial diamond or other jewelry from the ashes. Some people are even having the ashes put in paint pigment for tattoos. Cremation can be a respectful and dignified option as part of your funeral arrangements. 

Southern Cremations & Funerals understands that choosing how to celebrate the life of a loved one is a very personal decision. To accommodate this sensitive time, our compassionate funeral directors can help you choose between affordable full-service, traditional funerals, direct burials, cremation and memorial services. Please visit this link to learn more.

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